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Like every other business, advertising doesn’t work the way it used to. These days, a lot of first-rate art directors and writers, smile gratefully when they hear the traffic reports. Liberated by the Internet, we can be at the office in under ten seconds, 24/7/52.
Here’s a little background on us. You’ll find a fuller client list under History. (If we don’t have experience in your field, what you do must be quite unique.)

Steve Johnson Before joining the freelance world, Steve worked at a number of advertising agencies, both as a senior creative and as a consultant. These include Saatchi & Saatchi, where he was Vice President and Senior Art Director, Arnold Ingalls Moranville, and Dailey & Associates, all in San Francisco. And Steve Martin & Tom, where he was a partner.
Clients cover a broad spectrum: Adobe Systems, Sun Microsystems, US West, Silicon Graphics, Qualcomm, Del Monte Foods, Hewlett-Packard, Kaiser Permanente, Taco Bell, and New Zealand Tourism.
Steve has won numerous awards for art direction, both regional and national.

Martin Russell For eleven years, Martin worked at Saatchi & Saatchi as Senior Vice President/Associate Creative Director. Previously, he was VP/Senior Writer at Wilton, Coombs & Colnett, and later a partner at Steve Martin & Tom.
He handled creative direction and copy writing for Hewlett-Packard, Blue Diamond Almonds, S&W Foods, Kikkoman, and Software AG. He has also created campaigns for Sun, Nestlé, US West, Nokia, HomeChef, Chrysler, Ford, Hyatt Hotels, World Airways, BART, Embarcadero Center, Senator Milton Marks, Aristocrat Brandy, SGI, and Paul Masson wines, winning many regional and national advertising awards.
Martin grew up in England, where he majored in Modern Languages.



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